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Step Moms, You Are Not Alone

When I got engaged to my husband and my role in my step son's life began to take a serious turn, I began to experience a whole lot of complicated feelings and emotions. They were mostly negative and I just couldn't figure out if they were valid or I was being dramatic or even selfish. So I did what any typical millennial would do in my shoes. I ran to the internet in search for answers and validation. While I got the validation I need, I was met with so many negative experiences of step motherhood, some of which were borderline toxic (on the step mom's part). It was incredibly discouraging and once again, I felt isolated.

And so I took matters into my own hand and created my own page on Instagram to be a positive yet realistic voice in the step mom community. Thanks to the algorithm, I was exposed to a number of incredible step mom coaches who have inspired me to do better and encouraged me to be better. So here is my list of step mom coaches that I am truly grateful. They have incredible resources for the struggling step mother.

In no particular order:

Being a step mom doesn't have to be the worst part of your story. Be encouraged. You can live a fulfilled life in your blended family.

Love you all!!

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